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Why are more and more companies insisting on involving their employees in regular exercise programs?


Regular exercise is the easiest and most effective way to keep the body and mind healthy and resilient to stressful situations.

Employees in regular exercise programs

More and more companies in Serbia and around the world are concerned about providing the best possible conditions for their employees. The common element for all companies operating at a high level is for employees to feel comfortable, that is, to feel that their superiors care about them.

Employees In Regular Exercise

4 key factors in avoiding "burnout" at work

A 2010 clinical study published in the journal The Health Care Manager listed physical activity as one of the 4 key factors in avoiding "burnout" at work. We all know the amount of stress involved in today's professions, especially in the most stress-prone environments. Regular exercise is one of the easiest and most effective ways to keep the body and mind healthy and resilient to stressful situations. For this reason, more and more companies are including various types of physical activity among the benefits offered to their employees. This trend has long been popular in Western countries, where company directors and other superiors often participate in these activities, thus getting to know their employees better and creating a better bond with them. As a result, the Nutrition Solutions company has decided that regular exercise is mandatory for all employees and that time spent in physical activities is counted as time spent at work. Company owner Chris Cavallini said that employees have been increasingly punctual since they started exercising regularly, emphasizing the fact that his employees have increased their level of responsibility, commitment, and enthusiasm since they started exercising regularly.

On the other hand, a 2019 study published in BMC Public Health focused on introducing regular exercise in the workplace to avoid the effects of "burnout" and increase work intensity. The Workout Physical Activity Program (WOPAP) included 140 employees who were placed in a 10-week program of physical and social activities, divided into groups that could perform the activities independently and groups that needed support, as well as a control group that was not involved in any activities. The results indicated that regardless of the type of group (independent or socially dependent), employees who regularly performed activities in the workplace showed greater resilience to stressful situations and greater interest in work and teamwork.

Online training with MyFitWorld application

What is common and what most readers agree on is that the influence of regular physical activity among employees is one of the key factors in developing resistance to stressful situations and creating a better work environment. However, one of the main problems is that physical activity is often not suitable for all employees (older, physically weaker, less able, etc.). In addition, physical activity often requires going elsewhere after work to recreate oneself. For this reason, one of the increasingly popular exercise methods is online training through apps or with fitness instructors. In this way, it is possible to exercise regularly anytime, anywhere. The MyFitWorld application is the first online workout application created in Serbia. It was created during the Covid-19 period, when it became clear that it is possible to organize exercise in specific situations. This period showed everyone that it is possible to function through online applications (e.g., meetings and presentations via zoom, google meet, etc.), so organized exercise was one of the ideas that could be implemented within a small space that is not a gym or hall (e.g., a workplace). What MyFitWorld offers is an extremely broad base of exercises and workouts that suit users of all levels (regardless of age and fitness), and this is a very important factor for businesses in Serbia and beyond.


Branislav Božović

Dipl. Master Prof. Physical Education and Sports; doctoral student at FSFV, University of Belgrade; lead expert for the quality of content on the MyFitWorld platform; Condition and Fitness instructor.
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