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Our platform enables all professionals in the field of fitness, wellness, rehabilitation and sports to improve their business on several levels:

a) Faster and easier organization — organize your trainings or treatments in just a few clicks, and always be up to date with smart notifications. Instead of using numerous applications and software services to cover all elements of your business, you can integrate all data in one place. Creating exercises, training programs, nutrition plans, organization and communication with clients, sending content, billing services, work records, statistics, client cards — ALL, in one place;

b) Increasing active and passive income: by systematically adding content to your database of exercises. Make trainings and programs, create a large shop window that will become your sales space! You can lock up the content that you create in your library, and make it available to individuals who pay for it. According to your expertise and reputation in the field, clients will contact you for work, or they will simply buy a training or program depending on their goals and capabilities. On the other hand, your regular clients will be able to continue training without any downtime and quality decline — wherever they or you are — so progress will be guaranteed, they will be satisfied, and your income will be consistent.

c) Improve the visibility of your brand: present your work directly through the application to the global audience, and expand your reach beyond your current limits. In addition, on your profile you can add links to your social networks and vice versa, and thus multiplying chances for new clients from all sides!

MyFitWorld enables you to organize work of your employees. This is done by motivating them to systematize their work and uniform business access to clients (with respect to all individual differences in the realization of the job). You will take the quality of your service to the next level, and raise credibility with your clients. In addition, you will be able to motivate them to be more persistent, and thus create a loyal relationship in the long term. Managerial structures will have a detailed insight into each individual and their progress, and will be also able to evaluate the work of each employee accurately.

a) Registration is completely commitment FREE!

b) The first two clients you add to the MFW platform are FREE. If you decide to quit using the MyFitWorld App — there will be NO CHARGE

c) ONLY when you start adding NEW clients, AFTER first two, you will be charged with one of the three given subscription options.

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