Corrective Exercises in Training Programs

The Importance of Good Body Posture - Corrective Exercises in Training Programs


The modern lifestyle brings numerous advantages in terms of technological advancement and increased availability of information, but it also carries certain challenges that can negatively impact our health. The fast pace of life, long working days, sedentary lifestyle, and poor diet are just some of the factors that contribute to the deterioration of the general health of modern people.

The impact of such a lifestyle is particularly reflected in physical health. More and more people suffer from chronic pain, especially in the back and joints. These problems are often a direct result of poor body posture, which is linked to prolonged sitting and insufficient physical activity.

Corrective exercises

Regular exercise is an indispensable part of the solution. Not only can it significantly improve our physical condition, but it also has a profound impact on mental health, reducing symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression.

Corrective exercises that engage postural muscles are particularly important as they help in maintaining proper body posture, reducing pain, and generally improving movement.

The Importance of Good Body Posture - Corrective Exercises in Training Programs

Breathing exercises

Treating the feet

In addition to breathing exercises, the basis of corrective treatments also involves treating the feet. It is the only part of the body that makes contact with the ground, and its efficiency directly affects the quality of movement and body posture.

A big problem is also poor footwear that does not allow the foot complete freedom; it is fashionable to wear shoes with a big sole, raised heel, and the front part of the foot does not have enough space.

So whenever you can, take the opportunity to walk barefoot, if the gym where you train has an appropriate floor, you can do the training without sneakers.

Besides, exercises that increase the mobility of the ankle joint should be performed.

Make exercise a routine



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