The Most Important Factor in Fitness Progress

Sustainability of the Training Process - The Most Important Factor in Fitness Progress


"Go hard or go home" and similar "motivational" slogans give recreational training a wrong direction. Being active, training regularly, and eating healthily should primarily serve health, rather than just physical appearance. Social media, where we often don't see the reality but rather enhanced images, also contribute to people setting unrealistic goals and having excessive expectations from training.

So, what happens then?

Usually, disappointment, loss of will, and motivation. This happens because a person has formed a wrong perception of training – that training always needs to be hard, exercises must be done to failure, there is no effect if there is no muscle soreness the next day, and that carbohydrates should be eliminated from the diet, etc.

For the average person who is completely out of shape, all this is a real shock for the body and will only have a counter-effect.

The most important thing when talking about a training process that fulfills the main goal, which should be improving overall health, is the continuity and sustainability of that process.

To achieve this, one must consider the broader picture of a person’s lifestyle, not just the image of how they would like to look.

The whole process needs to be designed so it can last long, hence it must have continuity and not be too psychologically burdensome.

There’s no point in doing five exhausting workouts a week for two weeks, only to stop training because of weakened immunity caused by excessive effort. This actually sets us back a step instead of gradually increasing the load and adapting the body.

A training process that will have an optimal balance of load and rest will yield much better results, as it will be sustainable, can be done continuously, and the chances of injury are minimized.

Sustainability of the Training Process

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