How and WHY(?!) to Say NO to a Client and Stay Consistent

How and WHY(?!) to Say NO to a Client and Stay Consistent.


As seasoned fitness coaches and business owners, our foremost objective is to maximize our monthly earnings, isn't it?

This often entices us to either take on an excessive number of clients or accept clients who may not align with our specific expertise. When embarking on our fitness ventures, it is natural to be uncertain about the number of clients we can effectively handle or the precise type of clientele we wish to train.

Perhaps we have yet to specialize or need time to explore our options. Such indecision is perfectly normal for fitness business owners. As entrepreneurs, our journey is an ongoing process of trial and education.

However, I can assure you that once you identify the specific type of client you desire and determine your optimal client capacity, you will be on a much firmer footing! Although being a "jack of all trades" may seem like an enticing prospect, it is more advantageous to narrow down your focus and concentrate on a particular group of clients.

While turning away potential clients and business opportunities may be challenging, it becomes more manageable as you familiarize yourself with your specialization and client load. Making space for clients who are more of a group-sessions clients in the personal-oriented club, or saying  "YES" to a level 1 training performance client in a group of clients working out on a level 3 workout intensity and volume. This would soon be a bad solution, and there are plenty of situations in this regard.

Here's how to navigate this situation with finesse!

Just Say No: Recognizing the value of gracefully declining certain clients is crucial. This could be due to your client roster already being at capacity or because you lack expertise in their desired training area.

For instance, I have frequently been approached by both in-person and online prospects seeking bodybuilding show training. I have never engaged in such endeavors, nor would I attempt to train someone for this specific purpose, as it falls outside my realm of expertise within the fitness industry. But, many would say, sure it is easy – chest + biceps, back + triceps, legs + shoulders and the road to success is guaranteed!

How and WHY to Say NO to a Client and Stay Consistent

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