How to start your own business as a personal trainer

How to start your own business as a personal trainer


Looking to start a personal training business? Begin with a business plan

Every business owner, regardless of their business's size or industry, necessitates a strategic and growth-oriented business plan. Personal trainers, whether operating independently or within a gym setting, also benefit from a well-structured business plan to steer them towards success. This plan serves as a roadmap through various business stages, offering organization, direction, and the identification of growth opportunities. It's crucial to view your personal training business plan as a dynamic document, capable of evolving alongside your business and adapting to new growth prospects.

A comprehensive personal training business plan prompts you to step back and objectively assess the fundamental aspects of your personal training vision and mission. It aids in informed decision-making as you progress. Even if you're currently employed by a gym, contemplating your future trajectory warrants the development of a business plan.

Essentially, a personal trainer business plan outlines the future trajectory of your personal training venture. It encompasses various facets, including products, services, personnel, location, costs, and revenue. Your plan should succinctly articulate your offerings, the rationale behind your venture, and the strategies you'll employ to achieve your objectives. Depending on your objectives, a business plan can serve multiple purposes, such as attracting investors, customers, or employees, and managing relationships with suppliers.

Typically, a business plan spans between 10 to 20 pages, but its length can vary based on individual goals and requirements. Now that we understand the significance of a business plan, let's delve into the process of creating one.

Write your mission statement

How to start your own business as a personal trainer

Research and analyze the competition

Technology to grow your personal training business

Digital technology can make your fitness business easier and more efficient in many ways. For example, the MyFitWorld platform originated from the idea of providing trainers with consistent income by allowing clients to always have the option to do their training, whether in the gym or elsewhere, with a professionally crafted plan by the trainer.

In this way, technology prevents delays in payments that occur when clients miss training due to travel, business meetings, and the like.
Additionally, MFW enables the client to always track their progress on their phone, see what awaits them in the next training session, which positively impacts their motivation and perseverance towards their goal.

Define revenue streams

Determine operating costs in detail

Create a Marketing and Sales Plan

In summary


MyFitWorld Tim

Naša platforma je osmišljena da ti pomogne da transformiraš način vođenja treninga i unaprediš svoju uslugu na viši nivo – bez obzira jesi li osobni trener koji radi s klijentima jedan na jedan u teretani, održavaš grupne treninge ili imaš online klijente.
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