How MyFitWorld Makes Life Easier for Trainers

How MyFitWorld Makes Life Easier for Trainers and Improves Business


Do you feel like the world is changing at an incredible pace? What we couldn't imagine just a few years ago is now completely normal, and this trend will surely continue in the future. This primarily refers to digital technology, which affects all aspects of life.

The MyFitWorld platform is part of this change, born as an idea of personal trainers who wanted to solve the problems they personally faced, which many people in the fitness industry still encounter today.

MFW makes life easier for trainers, increases revenue, and automates business processes. In this blog, we'll go through the functionalities that enable this.

Upravljanje klijentima

Whether you work with clients in-person or online, you can organize all your clients within a single centralized system. This system allows you to increase your client base without extending your working hours. With options like “copy” and “copy to another client,” you can easily customize workouts for your clients. You can expand your client base beyond physical capacity, develop your business throughout the year, and maintain stable revenue.

How MyFitWorld Makes Life Easier for Trainers and Improves Business

Customizable Training Plans

Praćenje napretka i analitika.

Track your clients’ progress using parameters such as body weight, measurements, and performance data. This way, the results you achieve are easily measurable, allowing you to optimize your future strategy. Generate progress reports highlighting clients’ achievements, serving as motivational tools for future inspiration.


Platform Branding

Zajednica i umrežavanje.



MyFitWorld Tim

Naša platforma je osmišljena da ti pomogne da transformiraš način vođenja treninga i unaprediš svoju uslugu na viši nivo – bez obzira jesi li osobni trener koji radi s klijentima jedan na jedan u teretani, održavaš grupne treninge ili imaš online klijente.
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