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Alex is a personal S&C and Fitness Coach for 10 years. During his career he had been involved in scientific research and published different articles in the field of Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Sports Physiology.

His expertise is the field of S&C training in Football (Soccer), Tennis, and Karate. Besides that, he is happily involved in Personal Fitness since the beginning of his career.




Milan has a rich experience of 9 years in the field of S&C and Personal Fitness coaching. He had worked as a S&C coach in the basketball club ,,Mladost” (1st Serbian Basketball League), then as a personal trainer in the Extreme gym in Belgrade and stayed there until the opening of Magna Fit fitness center – where he continues to transfer and apply his knowledge while working with many athletes and recreationists.



Managing Board

Military Gymnasium graduate in Faculty of Sport and Physical Education in Belgrade. He has a 12 years of experience in the field of Sports and Fitness. Igor is also a successful serial entrepreneur: Owner and director at ‘Magna Fit’ – Business Fitness Club in Belgrade, President of the Swimming Club ‘Freestyle’, President and Coach in Judo Club ‘Partizan VML’, Member of National ‘Red Cross’ Team for actions in hazards and accidents, Member of the Experts-Team for Military Sports.

Senior Board members



Managing Board

He is an entrepreneur, with over 20 years of experience in various fields ranging from Real Estate start up, Restaurant type business, Regional Sales Manager for 15 Countries of CEE & SEE in a Global IT Company – dealing with Security, Collaboration, Networks and different type of services and software solutions.

Lately he is following another passion – sport and fitness – where he hopes that he can provide guidance in shaping a platform that will be intelligent, intuitive and open. Providing people an opportunity to connect, learn and build their physical capabilities in a professional and structured way!



Advisory Board

Dedicated University Professor of Exercise Physiology and Sports medicine physician. Experienced in preparation, management and implementation of
scientific projects, as well with laboratory and field testings. Highly involved in
the development and testing of new medical equipment for telemetric
electrocardiography, and electronically controlled prosthesis for the amputees,
with colleagues from from Slovenia, Switzerland and Italy. Author of over 70
professional and scientific publications in the field of cardiorespiratory
physiology, gait analysis, somatosensory system, and telemetric medicine.



Advisory Board

Professor at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education.

He wrote two books and published a notable number of scientific papers for international journals in the scientific fields of motor learning, motor control and biomechanics. Among 30 scientific papers many of them are related to science in football.

As a sport scientist he has cooperated with a numerous national sport associations (football, tennis, taekwondo), where he held seminars for coaches and athletes. He has over 15 years of experiences with laboratory and field testing work on various population groups including the assessment of the athlete’s performance in general.

MFW Podcast

Welcome to the Myfitworld podcast, your place of valuable knowledge in the field of fitness, recreation, sports and fitness. Top interlocutors in the field of fitness, sports, sports medicine, nutrition and everything related to a healthy and physically active life!

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